Why Invest In Oil & Gas?

Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Development with Riverstone Resources, LTD

There has never been a better time to participate in the development of our oil and natural gas resources. Riverstone Resources, LTD works to help investors like yourself break into lucrative oil and natural gas exploration opportunities with our strategic partners in the oil and gas industry. Landmark Group was formed in 1996 to drill and operate wells in the Lousiana region.  In just six short years, Riverstone Resources, LTD was founded in 2002 to manage day-to-day operations of all joint ventures.  Since 2002, the company has capitalized on rising energy prices and sustained demand for oil and natural gas.  Currently, partnerships that Riverstone Resources, LTD has developed are with highly regarded oil and gas companies that have allowed them to diversify their holdings and produce consistent returns. 


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